Broken Wand Alan “Ace” Greenberg

Jul 25 2014

Long time PA1 member “Ace” has passed away at the age of 86.

A Funeral Service Will be held on Tuesday July 26, 2014

Temple Emanu-el at 65th St and 5 Ave on Tuesday at 11 AM

Enjoy the Summer!

Jun 09 2014

The Parent Assembly is on hiatus for the summer, there will be no meetings in July and August. The next meeting will be in September, date to be determined.

Have a Great Summer. Attend a convention, Practice one of the tricks you learned at one of the many lectures this year


SAMPA1_2015 Board

SAMPA1 Board for 2014-2015. Photo by Herb Scher

Next Meeting Meeting Friday June 6

Jun 02 2014

Our Next Meeting will take place on Friday June 6
The next Meeting of PA1 will take place on Friday June 6, 2014
The meeting will take place at:

Mt. Sinai Hospital
1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

The Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15.

This will be our final meeting of the year and Elections will take place. Please see the Spellbinder for details.

Our after meeting event will begin around 8:00 pm, and will be a lecture by coin expert Kainoa Harbottle. The lecture will feature a number of card and coin routines.

Click Here for more information

May 16 Workshop CANCELLED

May 15 2014

Due to aSchedule Conflict the May Workshop Has been CANCELED

2014 Salute to Magic May 17 2014

May 15 2014

The 105th Salute to Magic will take place on Saturday May 17th at the Queens Theater. Showtime is 8PM:

Click Here for more information.

Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride

Mark Mason Lecture Tuesday May 13 @ Mt. Sinai

May 06 2014

On Tuesday May 13 The Parent Assembly will host a lecture by Mark Mason. The Lecture will take place at Mt.Sinai East builing and will begin at 7:15 pm.

Although Marks lectures cover effects in  many fields, cards, coins, ropes,
mentalism, close up, strolling and stand up, the key is always on
entertainment. You will quickly become aware Mark has all  the skills, but we are
sure you will agree his number one skill are his PEOPLE  SKILLS.

Highlights from Marks current lecture include:

Stuck up Monte – Marks opening commercial effect the best 3 card monte
you will ever see.

A Word In A Million – Any word, Any Book, Any  language.

The Put and Take Move – You will be rub bing your eyes  when you see the
put and take move.

NT2 – A brilliant stand up newspaper routine

Coin Flux 2 – A brilliant non sleight of hand 3 coin  matrix, the method is
sheer genius.

Hindu Rope Surprise – Comedy cut and re stored rope with a genuine climax.
Marks scissors gag is worth the price of the lecture.

Attitude Force – Voted the best item from Mark’s lecture,  a no classic,
classic force that you will love and use within 15 minutes.

This is an open lecture, Non Members of the Parent Assembly may attend for $25.


Upcoming Events

Friday 5/16    Workshop @ Gemini 7:30 PM

Saturday 5/17  105th Salute to Magic @ Queens Theater

Click Here for more information.

Friday June /6 June meeting w Kainoa Harbottle Lecture

Kainoa Harbottle Flyer


Next Meeting Friday May 2 @ Mt Sinai

Apr 23 2014

The next Meeting of PA1 will take place on Friday May 2, 2014
The meeting will take place at:

Mt. Sinai Hospital1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

The Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15.

The After Meeting event will be  Daryl’s 4F XII (“four f twelve”)  Lecture
Daryl Headshot

This will

Effects taught include :

Comedy Surprise Torn & Restored Paper routine
Color Changing Backs routine
Cards to the Fourth Dimension and BACK!
A totally impromptu Chink-a-Chink effect
Dai Vernon Dice Routine
Impromptu Rise
Totally Impromptu Cup and Ball Routine
Theory & Principal
Effect-less Method, a Backwards Classic, and “My First Magic Trick”
Daryl’s Favorite Trick

and several more

Most of the material can be performed without any special props.

Non Members of the Parent assembly may attend the lecture for a fee of $25.00

On Tuesday May 13th at 7:15 pm the PArent assembly will host a lecture by Mark Mason
This will take place at the usual location Mt Sinai East Building. Non members of the Parent Assembly may attend this lecture for a fee of $25.00

Congratulations David Kaye

Apr 18 2014

Congratulations to PA1 member David Kaye for receiving the Performer Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts. David is the first childrens performer to be given the award.


Workshop Friday April 18th @ Gemini

Apr 13 2014

On Friday April 18,2014  Doug Edwards, PA1 Magician of the Year, will be hosting his monthly workshop at the Gemini Diner. The topic will be Self Working Magic. Doug always has some great material to share; If you have an old effect that you’ve lost the instructions for, Doug will probably know how it works.

Expect items for all skill levels, and Doug always some interesting from his collection to show.
Doug MUM


641 2nd avenue @ 35th street

6:30 pm to eat, workshop starts around 7:30 pm,
Please support the diner!

Next Meeting Thursday April 3 @ Mt. Sinai

Mar 24 2014

The next Meeting of PA1 will take place on Thursday April 3, 2014
The meeting will take place at:

Mt. Sinai Hospital
1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

The Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15.

The after meeting event will begin at 8:00. The event will be a lecture by Jay Scott Berry. Your Webmaster saw this lecture late last year and is looking forward to seeing this.

JSB Rings

Recognized worldwide as a master performer and creator, Jay’s shows are often called, “The closest thing to real magic you will ever see.”

Berry regularly headlines top international venues and magic conventions, performing everything from close-up to stage with peerless grace and elegance.
In his new lecture, Jay pushes the frontiers of the Art ever further with powerful magic that is both practical and versatile.

He at once embraces classic methods and effects while challenging outdated and outmoded ways of thinking. In doing so, he is able to fuse the best from the past with the best of the present to create magic for the future.

Everything in the lecture is directly from his personal “A” list of effects and, as such, is time-tested in real world conditions. His original methods are ultra-smooth, starting clean and ending clean.

He will perform and teach the very latest, state-of-the-art effects with The Thumb Tip and Eclipse Tip, The Cloaking Device, The FS/2 Gimmick, The Finger Fazers, The Ring and Ribbon and more! He will also demonstrate his brand new JSB Topit design, widely regarded as the best ever conceived.

In this presentation, Jay will pay close attention to a number of effects and techniques that work exceptionally well for strolling magic. His personal criteria demands that all of these effects be strong, highly visual, angle-proof and instantly reset. These are routines that Jay uses in strolling and table magic around the globe where he regularly commands $500 an hour and up.

JSB Lecture Flyer 2014


When time allows, Jay will also perform and teach a number of original card effects and techniques. This is often the biggest surprise for magicians, who don’t realize Jay’s mastery also extends into the realm of cards.

In short, an evening with Jay Scott Berry is filled with wonder, surprises and inspiration. He is a consummate entertainer and approaches every lecture with the same commitment to excellence, attention to detail and enthusiasm that have become his trademark in the Art of Magic.

Non Members of the Parent Assembly (magicians only) will be permitted to attend for an entry fee of $25

Upcoming Events

Friday April 18    Workshop @ Gemini
Friday May 2       Meeting w Daryl Lecture @ Mt Sinai
Tuesday May 13      Lecture w/Mark Mason @ Mt Sinai
Saturday May 17      105th Salute @ Queens Theater

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