2011 Salute to Magic

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May 14, 2011 at 8pm

El Teatro at El Museo Del Barrio     1260 Fifth Avenue @ 104th Street


American Escape Artist, starring Thomas Solomon

“World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – “The Thinking Man’s Magician”

The Parent Assembly #1 is proud to present Thomas Solomon in “American Escape Artist.” Don’t let the title fool you – this is a full-evening show of both MAGIC and ESCAPE ARTISTRY.  In addition to his world-famous death-defying escapes, Thomas Solomon will present dazzling classic magic with a contemporary twist, as well as never-before-seen magic effects.  Backed by a supporting cast as well as spectacular sets, costumes and lighting by top professional designers, this show will be a feast for the eyes and a not-to-be missed magical thrill ride.

Thomas Solomon has won awards as both an escape artist and a magician. He was named “World’s Greatest Escape Artist” at the 2000 World Magic Awards. In 1980 he won the national S.A.M. close-up competition. His many TV appearances include starring in two specials – “Thomas Solomon – The Escape Artist,” for CH4 in Great Britain, and “No Jail Can Hold Me,” for The History Channel. He starred in two Off-Broadway shows in New York, “Ellusions,” and “Theatre of the Macabre,” which ran for 1500 performances. As a magician he’s performed for many Fortune 500 clients.

His accomplishments as an escape artist are mind-boggling. Thomas Solomon has escaped from over 5000 pairs of handcuffs of all different types from all times in history. He has performed for two presidents at the White House, both times escaping from the handcuffs of the Uniformed Secret Service. Solomon has escaped two locked safes in his career, one of them underwater for his British television special. Solomon has escaped 19 jails throughout his career in New York City, London, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Trenton and others. Most notable were his escapes from the maximum-security prison Pentonville in the UK (that houses IRA prisoners) and from Al Capone’s personal cell at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia.

Solomon is the only person to have escaped the leather and canvas moneybag previously used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City. He has accomplished hundreds of straitjacket releases, most notably an escape from the all-leather straitjacket specifically created to thwart him by Menkes Leather Works. He escaped a tightly bound straitjacket in the pouring rain hanging upside down from a tower crane 150 feet above the street in Portland, Oregon in December 2006.