May 2012 – Michael Rubinstein Lecture

May 2012

May Meeting

The May 2012 meeting was held on May 2, 2012. The Salute Ticket chairman Ken Ferst announced that the 103rd Salute to Magic was nearly sold out. Richie Magic reported that work had been completed on restoring Al Flosso’s grave site, and that work on Bess Houdini’s grave would be scheduled to be completed by the end of the month.

Dr. Michael Rubinstein Lecture

(L-R) Giacomo Bertini, David Roth, Rabbi Jack Glickman, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, Jordan Linker



Our after meeting event was a lecture by world renowned coin expert Micheal Rubinstein. The lecture was attended by more than 35 members as well as two special guests – Coin Maestros  David Roth, and Giacomo Bertini. Michael treated those present to an all new lecture with effects that did not require the classic palm,and most required nothing more than a few coins.  The lecture opened with the wishing well, a barehanded production of four coins, and standup twilight zone, a wild coin effect. Among the other items were clever presentations of 2 standard effects, the nest of boxes and silver extraction; A coins across and Michael’ s favorite version of the classic coins through the table.


About Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Dr. Rubinstein is one of the top coin magicians in the world today. A native New Yorker, He has won first place in Close up at the International Magic Convention in Bologna Italy in 1983, and took First place again at the International Magic Convention in St. Vincent. in 1984.

Dr. Rubinstein’s lecture focuses on commercial coin magic, with material for both beginners (no classic palm!), and advanced workers.

Dr. Rubinstein has toured all over the world teaching his special style of coin magic. His work has appeared in numerous periodicals and books, including Richard’s Almanac, Apocalypse, Best of Friends II, and Spectacle.  His DVD set The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights has been a top DVD seller since it appeared in 1985, and contains over 100 different sleights on all phases of coin magic, many unpublished to this day.Dr. Rubinstein  Is currently a member of the New York Coin Magic Seminar group together with David Roth and Mike Gallo. The New York Coin Magic seminar DVD series is the most comprehensive tome on coin magic in existence today.  It has been hailed as the video Bobo of the 21st century.