May 2012 – Geoff Williams Lecture

May 8, 2012

Geoff and Eric Goodman

SAMPA1 was treated to a lecture by Geoff Williams. Approximately 30 members of PA1 came to see a selection of close up and parlor material, presented with a wonderful sense of humor. The lecture  opened with an interesting twist on the classic floating finger illusion.Geoff then powered his tape player from a drawing of an electric outlet. Two effects referenced Parent Assembly members: The “I hate David Copperfield trick” where a card penetrated another card; and  was Geoff’s presentation of  “More on Oil and Water” a effect by former PA1 Dean Sam Schwartz.


Ken Schwabb assists Geoff


Other effects included a very practical and magical vanish of a half dollar and Bear Handed: A great adaptation of “the Web”.  Geoff gave several great tips on the Elmsley count.


Everything demonstrated was within the abilities of most attendees, and none required special equipment.



Geoff Williams