September 2012 – Bill Wisch’s Slydini Lecture

Out new year began with a quick business meeting, led by new president Richie Magic. Our first meeting after summer break, we heard from the many committees about plans for the coming year. after a quick break we were treated to a wonderful lecture on the magic of Tony Slydini by Bill Wisch.

Bill Started his lecture with a wonderful talk about his inspiration – He heard from friends at various clubs that many newer magicians had never heard of Tony Slydini, and had never been exposed to his wonderful magic. His lecture was conceived as a way to expose more people to this wonderful artist, and for Bill to share some of the knowledge he gained from studying with the master.  Over a period of nearly three hours (and I believe he could have easily gone three more) Bill demonstrated a number of Slydini’s effects and techniques – detailing many subtleties that are either not in print or that many gloss over when they read. He also treated us to some lesser known items as Bill shared the results of discussing standard props with Slydini.

Among the Tricks discussed were The Paper balls and Box, Flight of the Paper Balls, The Helicopter Card, The Knotted Silks, and many others.


Below are links to Dick Cavetts blogs on the New York Times website. They feature videos showing Slydini demonstrating many of his most loved effects

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