April 2012 Meeting – Joe Mogar Lecture

April 2012

Our April business meeting saw some spirited debate and began our annual election process, with the selection of a nominating committee, With almost a dozen positions to fill the committee has its work cut out. Several upcoming lectures were announced. Tickets to the 103rd Salute to magic are selling briskly, only a few dozen tickets remain. Our business meeting adjourned and members got to enjoy a lecture by Joe Mogar.

Joe Mogar Lecture

Jor Mogar

Joe ‘s lecture began with 2 streamers appearing from a dollar bill. then many silks and a 15 foot streamer were produced from a Man’s pocket square. Joe then showed many different effects with thimbles, included some of his unique moves, Thimbles appeared, vanished and jumped all over. Lots of magic from some simple colorful objects.
Joe showed a tiny purse and found an even smaller purse contained within. From that purse Joe produced a small pocket knife (surprise!) the knife then changed color, switched places multiplied vanished and shrank. He showed a variety of moves with the knives recommending that people keep it simple. The old bending pencil move looked great with the pocket knives. Joe also showed a great knife through

Joe Mogar and his Knives

knife penetration, jumbo hot rod knives came next and Joe discussed his way of handling the Hot Rod force. The lecture ended with some coin magic.