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September meeting At Fantasma

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The first meeting of the new season will take place on Thursday September 8 @

 ** NOTE: This a change from prior announcements! **

Fantasma Magic

421 7th Ave entrance on 33rd street.

Meeting will begin 7:00 –

The after meeting event will be a lecture by Levent

At the one night only event, Levent will do a special multi-media lecture and will teach his Fundamental Rules of Stage Magic, as well as the little known secrets of many highly commercial and practical magic tricks such as:

The Long Pour Salt Trick

The Half Dyed Color Changing Silks

The Linking Rings

The Multiplying Billiard Balls

The no gimmick Diminishing Cards

Charlie Miller’s Three Rope Trick

The Potassy Wave Deck

And his masterpiece “Misers Dream.”

This will be followed by a hands-on workshop on the Misers Dream. All participants will be given special materials to take home and practice the Misers Dream. This special workshop is at no extra cost and is exclusive to Levent’s lecture at Fantasma.



Upcoming Events

September 16 Doug Edwards Workshop @ Gemini Diner

September 29 LEcture by Pops Haydn @ Fantasma NY


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