Mark Mason Lecture Tuesday May 13 @ Mt. Sinai

May 06 2014

On Tuesday May 13 The Parent Assembly will host a lecture by Mark Mason. The Lecture will take place at Mt.Sinai East builing and will begin at 7:15 pm.

Although Marks lectures cover effects in  many fields, cards, coins, ropes,
mentalism, close up, strolling and stand up, the key is always on
entertainment. You will quickly become aware Mark has all  the skills, but we are
sure you will agree his number one skill are his PEOPLE  SKILLS.

Highlights from Marks current lecture include:

Stuck up Monte – Marks opening commercial effect the best 3 card monte
you will ever see.

A Word In A Million – Any word, Any Book, Any  language.

The Put and Take Move – You will be rub bing your eyes  when you see the
put and take move.

NT2 – A brilliant stand up newspaper routine

Coin Flux 2 – A brilliant non sleight of hand 3 coin  matrix, the method is
sheer genius.

Hindu Rope Surprise – Comedy cut and re stored rope with a genuine climax.
Marks scissors gag is worth the price of the lecture.

Attitude Force – Voted the best item from Mark’s lecture,  a no classic,
classic force that you will love and use within 15 minutes.

This is an open lecture, Non Members of the Parent Assembly may attend for $25.


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