December Workshop Friday December 20th @ Gemini Diner

Dec 16 2013

On Friday December 20,2013  Doug Edwards, PA1 Magician of the Year, will be hosting his monthly workshop at the Gemini Diner. The topic, by special request is Gimmicks, Gadgets, and Gaffs Part II. Last month Doug brought down several interesting gaffs and gimmicks including some unusual wallets. Expect some nice new items this month.

Doug MUM



641 2nd avenue @ 35th street

6:30 pm to eat, workshop starts around 7:30 pm,
Please support the diner!

Come on down and learn something new. Doug always has something interesting to teach, and usually some interesting items from his extensive collection.  Bring a deck of cards, and some other standard (or unusual) items. Feel free to ask questions. These workshops are one of the wonderful perks of PA1 membership. Guests (magicians only ) are welcome there will be a $5 fee.


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