Aldo & Rachel Colombini Lecture Wednesday October 9

Oct 01 2013

Aldo & Rachel Colombini

Aldo & Rachel Colombini

On Wedenesday October 9 SAMPA1 will be hosting a lecture by Aldo & Rachel Colombini.

The lecture will begin at 7:15 pm

 Mt. Sinai Hospital
1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

This is sure to be a treat, always entertaining they always have a variety of interesting routines, and most are easy to do.

The Colombinis have earned many of the most prestigious awards given in magic. Aldo has been a winner at FISM and of multiple awards from the Academy of Magical Arts.

The Lecture is free to members of the parent assembly, and $25 for non members. Preferred seating will be given to PA1 members.

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