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December Meeting Friday Dec 6 @ Mt Sinai

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The December Meeting of PA1 will take place on Friday December 6, 2013
The meeting will take place at:

Mt. Sinai Hospital
1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

The Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15.

The after meeting event will begin after the conclusion of the business meeting. The event will be a performance by members of the parent assembly:

Emcee Richie Magic
George Schindler
Ted Lee
Bruce Lish
Matthew Lish
Rene Clement

Lets begin the celebration of the Holiday Season with some Magic.

Upcoming Events

Friday 12/21 Workshop @Gemini

Eric Jones Lecture on 12/10 has been canceled. It may be rescheduled at a later date.

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Next Workshop Friday November 15 @ the Gemini

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On Friday November 15  2013  Doug Edwards, PA1 Magician of the Year, will be hosting his monthly workshop at the Gemini Diner. The topic is Gimmicks, Gadgets, and Gaffs

Doug MUM



641 2nd avenue @ 35th street

7pm to eat, workshop starts 8pm,
Please support the diner!

Come on down and learn something new. Doug always has something interesting to teach, and usually some interesting items from his extensive collection.  Bring a deck of cards, and some other standard (or unusual) items. Feel free to ask questions. These workshops are one of the wonderful perks of PA1 membership. Guests (magicians only ) are welcome there will be a $5 fee.


Announcement from the National Council

S.A.M. Condemns Cyber Bullying


In a strong resolution the National Council of The Society of American Magicians officially condemned  “Cyber Bullying.”
The National Council of the Society of American Magicians has determined that various chat rooms and social media have been improperly utilized as outlets for cyber bullying which targets magic, magicians and youngsters who are interested in magic.
Various  magic forums serve a good purpose in sharing ideas and thoughts which help to improve the skills of the performer, some web sites either allow, tolerate or permit performers to be the victims of absurd, hateful and hurtful attacks against a fellow performer.
The National Council of the Society of American Magicians hereby adopted the following resolution condemning Cyber Bullying:
The Society of American magicians opposes and condemns Cyber Bullying in any and all forms including but not limited to all forms of hate speech, the use of words which attack physical appearance, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or nationality and opposes all kinds of needless and hateful cyber bullying resulting from the publishing of private information on magic related web sites.
Adopted: November 9, 2013

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